In February of 2004, a woman driving a large white van gunned out of a parking lot and turned into my car. She creamed into me smashing both passenger doors with enough speed and force to send my car into a tailspin. Gratefully, no one was in the car with me!

For several days after I felt like a giant purple bruise. Within a few weeks, I couldn't stand up straight. After a few more weeks, it was obvious there were more serious problems that needed to be identified and addressed. 


It was painful not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. If you or a loved

one have been in this type of accident before -- you know that the red tape can be much more painful than the wreck itself!


After the Wreck, I experienced abusive treatment from insurance adjustors, doctors and lawyers. I felt accused of being a liar and making up pain. This was demeaning and quite shocking! I really fell into a tailspin of anger, frustration and doubt... I began to doubt everything and experienced TRUE DEPRESSION!

A friend referred me to new doctors. They were the closest existence to car-wreck-ologists

I had ever met along my healing path. After spending months in treatment, I blurted out “I should write a book about this, nobody knows the rest of the story.” The doctor responded

in delight “that's an amazing idea -- people out there really need that! Excellent idea! You should do that!”

After hearing that feedback and using tools I had learned over the years, I finally started to grieve and heal the life I had lost. I am learning to accept my new life, and to be happy with who I am now. I want to help accident survivors, their families and caretakers -- by sharing a guide to help others survive the system while healing from injury.

Drowning in the system can be worse than the original injury. Using my medical journal that covered the first two years of my treatment, I began writing a book to help others -- injured and caretakers -- weather the storm, that is the system. I want you to know that you have more options than you and your loved ones might think.


It's important to recognize your support team and grieve your losses. Learn to let your caretakers help, as this affects them too! Although it may be heartbreaking – you will

learn to accept who you are now --  love who you are now, without judgment.

The light at the end of the tunnel can be healing instead of another train!

I have been through that tunnel and  I understand!

Validate your feelings, don't ignore them!

You are not alone!

"Sometimes, when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place."

                                                                                                           ~ Author Unknown

Making a Difference!

"Bewildered, in pain, or fearful after a life-changing accident? Wendy Teague, in her book, After The Wreck, will walk you through the maze of doctors, insurance adjusters, lawyers and alternative health care practitioners to get your life back on track. Her determination, courage, and wit carried her through her own life-changing 'wreck' and she

can help you through yours too."
~ Amy Todisco, Green Living expert, Green Lifestyle consultant and media/TV personality

"After the Wreck is not just Wendy's story, it's the story of countless people who learn to relive their lives after a catastrophic injury. Knowing that Wendy made it through will inspire those following in her footsteps."
~ Matthew R. Grundy, Grundy Disability Group, LLC

"In every human being there is a

special heaven,
whole and unbroken."

~ Paracelsus

Wendy was driving to work when a car charged out of a parking lot, rammed into her, and spun her car like a top. Little did she know, that day would open a whole new chapter in her life.
In this book -- with the intention of making a difference in your experience --
Wendy shares how she navigated the medical system, insurance companies, and lawyers.

"Healing is a

matter of time,
but sometimes

also a matter of opportunity."
~ Hippocrates

 "The cure of the part
should not be attempted without
the cure

of the whole."
~ Plato