The Book

"Wendy Teague is like the 'Erin Brockovich' of the health industry -- helping patients,

their loved ones and caregivers through the medical, insurance and legal circuses that

ensue much too often."   

~ Anonymous (not Wendy or her husband Jack)

Learn through Wendy's book -- After the Wreck -- how Wendy Sustained multiple-devastating traumas, first becoming a survivor and later "graduating" into a thrivor as

she overcame and defeated those circuses.

Apply these lessons, God forbid, should you or your loved ones face such a traumatic situation. Or, if you're encountering such circuses now, learn from Wendy's first-hand account how she took on the clowns and learned how to work with them - and sometimes over them to get the results she needed and wanted.

No fooling, even after a severe brain trauma and other bodily injuries, Wendy is, in many ways, better off now than she was before her accident -- you and your loved ones can be too!

"After the Wreck will be seen as controversial, I'm sure. I admire someone who is willing to tell the painful truth, from her own perspective, and somehow keep it humorous too.

~ Dr. Joe Rubino, Creator, &

"After the Wreck is a humorously intense, truthful account of how the system treats you after you experience a life, or car wreck. If you want to hear the truth, get this book. If you don't, watch the news on TV instead."

~ Keith Leon, The Book Guy -- bestselling author, publisher and book mentor

"As a reader I like to go into a trance and sink into a book. And you have written a damn good book, damn good read!"

~ Jo Crain, cancer survivor

"Wendy Teague has brought her own experiences to light in, After the Wreck. Through courage, candor, and humor, victims and caregivers alike will find a compatriot and be encouraged to speak out to the rigmarole that is the insurance, legal, and medical aftermath to life-altering trauma.

~ Bradlee Snow, author, speaker, and advocate for animal rights