Meet Wendy Teague - The Author

Wendy is an Author, Speaker, Energy Practitioner and Consultant. For over 20 years, she has worked with vibrational, frequency and resonance healing for individuals, groups and long-distance healing. Wendy loves helping people demystify energy work and learn to self-heal the multiple layers of their being. She has developed programs working specifically to clear the compound traumas of life including fear, emotional pain and other issues that keep people stuck and living in the past.

Wendy has introduced thousands of people to the culture and benefits of energy healing through her lectures, classes -- and individual and group sessions. Wendy is also a dog, cat and horse whisperer of sorts, having helped them as well. She received her certification in Resonance Repatterning in 1997, in the Yuen Method in 2004 -- and has a strong background in sound healing, essential oils, and crystal healing. Before shifting into full-time private practice in 1997, Wendy had a successful 20-year career in the corporate arena as a computer systems analyst.

As a survivor and thrivor of multiple-devastating traumas -- both physical and emotional, Wendy has experienced what it's like to live in pain and suffering from injury, surgery, and illness... and how the energetic impact can drain your passion for life.

Wendy experienced exhilaration, discovered caring professionals, and rediscovered energy self-healing techniques that help restore balance and function to the life she has now -- reconnecting to her inner potential and joy.

After encountering abrasive medical and impersonal insurance systems, Wendy was

driven with passion to reclaim her power by sharing her experience with others, giving

them support and guidance navigating the obstacle course that begins after a life-altering event occurs.