What Do You See?

"Wendy shares honest, straight talk about the stages of healing traumatic injuries, both physical and mental, and the journey of reclaiming your humor and joy.

Read the book -- be enlightened."

~ Dr. S. Lane, D.C., Ph.D.

Doctors, Insurers, and Lawyers, oh my!

Wendy Teague

Author, Energy Practitioner & Consultant

Without a sign around Wendy Teague's  neck, would you ever guess she had

been in a life-altering car wreck?

Could you guess how many years of frustration

it took Wendy to re-learn how to read, write,

speak and feel joy again?

After years of fighting denial and depression,

while brain damaged and physically challenged,
she finally surrendered.

 Wendy had to accept it was okay -- not to be okay.
 She is still making peace with who she is now,
 knowing she will never be who she was.

Wendy shares her story to educate and be of service -- and to make a difference in
your life

-- and your loved ones life!

"Having had a

personal experience with insurance that

was far from positive,

I commend Wendy

for her good work.

If you want to learn

the 'real deal' about our insurance and so-called health care industry, read this book."

~ Bob Proctor

"I admire the courage it took for Wendy

to write After the Wreck. She was

brave enough to relive the past and

share open heartedly so that we

may learn from her experience."

~ Adam Markel, CEO of Peak Potentials, speaker, author and attorney